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Greetings Lovely Visitor!

We welcome you to the online destination of the most reliable and trusted residential and commercial cleaning services in Toronto. We pride ourselves in providing efficient and timely satisfaction with our diligent and trusted maid services, with the help of our teach who excel at expert home cleaning, and come with a credible years of experience.

At Shiny Cleaning, we believe in providing our esteemed clients a cleaner and safer environment, whether it is residential cleaning or commercial cleaning, our dedicated housekeeping employees work diligently to give all of our clients the best experience possible. We appreciate the preferences and concerns of our clients, and we welcome them to view our work through our social media pages and our website. Indeed, we stand unparalleled in the industry for providing the best cleaning services in Toronto; services that can be trusted to redeem the true value of client’s time and money. We not only assist our valued clients by ensuring they live in a cleaner and safer environment, but also, the Shiny Cleaning team keeps informing and educating customers on all the latest tips and tricks to achieve some unbelievable home cleaning goals. We understand the individual and exclusive needs of house cleaning, general housekeeping and commercial cleaning requirements, and we assure you that our team of housekeepers have the credentials, skills and expertise to provide efficient deep cleaning services.

We appreciate our clients and the time they dedicate to us, in return we make sure they stay up-to-date with all the developments in the commercial and residential cleaning industry.

Shiny Cleaning is made possible by the support of people like you. Thank you!


Unparalleled Efficiency - Cleaning Services Toronto

Unparalleled in efficiency, Shiny Cleaning provides the most diligent cleaning services in Toronto. We are dedicated to providing matchless residential and commercial cleaning services to businesses and home-owners who wish to live in a cleaner, healthier environment. We pride ourselves in equip our cherished customers with the assistance of genial and friendly housekeepers and maids who are fully experienced in providing expert deep cleaning services.

We have had the honor of supplying exceptionally satisfactory services to our clientele for over a decade, and GTA Toronto has embraced us as the best cleaning service in Toronto. Unlike the rest in our Industry, we identify with cleanliness as a cause that effects our environment, and with our incomparable residential and commercial cleaning services, we put our passion, excellence, commitment and experience into contributing towards a safer, healthier and cleaner environment for our kids, our society and our planet.

At Shiny Cleaning, we understand how difficult it can be for working women to juggle home cleaning responsibilities with their grueling professional lives, and we are here to relieve them of tasks such as kitchen cleaning or bathroom cleaning with the help of our trusted housekeeping staff and maid services. Our one and only goal is to help everyone we meet lead a wholesome and healthy lifestyle. Our housekeeping, maid and janitorial cleaning services are designed as a unique experience, aimed to be the best in all of Toronto.

A Little Bit Of History… 

The foundation of Shiny Cleaning was laid in the late 90’s, and its story runs deep within the lines of history, tying itself to the goals of our founders and their principles in life. Shiny Cleaning found its innovation and uniqueness with the dedication, zest and passion of single mom of two, Ekaterina Kogan, a dynamic personality who wishes to do great things, and bring around a change in the society that brings around betterment and innovation.

A woman who came to North America some twenty years ago with a dream and passion of running a great business, and who is now the owner, CEO, founder and manager/operator of her very own innovative business, the most trusted and efficient cleaning company in Toronto.

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Our Philosophy

At Shiny Cleaning, we believe in making each moment count, giving our job our very best and always going the extra mile for our customers. Our goal is client satisfaction and to engage with more loyal clients around the city of Toronto and the GTA, sharing smiles, responsibilities and chores to make a real difference in someone’s life, and quite simply, brighten their day.

As Ekaterina Kogan, the dynamic force behind Shiny Cleaning, proudly exclaims:

“It has been an amazing journey since the start. I have been working day in and day out to give my children, myself and as many people as possible the opportunity we were not presented with at birth. And I consider myself lucky to be in this position of helping so many people along the way. I absolutely think that every minute has been worth it!”

Indeed, it is an honor to better someone’s house, working space and ultimately their lives with our efficient and effective Residential and Commercial cleaning services.

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Superior Cleaning Solutions


Home And Condo Cleaning

We are the most comprehensive residential and commercial cleaning company in GTA Toronto and surrounding areas, supplying the most greatly trusted housekeeping and maid services. Shiny Cleaning social pages are a great way to learn that we take our job extremely seriously, and we leave no stone unturned in making your house spotless clean.

Our cleaning services have revolutionized the cleaning industry in Toronto, and our rapid expansion speaks volumes about the competitive edge, the unparalleled quality and matchless home and commercial cleaning we pride ourselves with. Our experience has made us rich in knowledge and expertise, and be it a condo, a mall or an office building, we know how to turn it into a safe, clean, healthy and hygienic environment.

Our diversity, exclusivity and passion for cleanliness sets us apart in the industry, and cements our position as the industry leaders of the cleaning services in Toronto as well as the GTA. We ensure that our customers do not have to wait for the best services of a reliable cleaning lady for too long, and that their personalized cleaning demands are met in the best possible manner.

We offer not only the best quality and exceptional efficiency, but also, the most economically effective cleaning lady and cleaning service rates in Toronto. We understand that clever budgeting is just as important as thorough cleaning, so we do not impose on homeowners or entrepreneurs with pricey bargains. Our quotes and cleaning rates are designed to match the requirements of our clients, and we make sure they redeem full value for their investment in Shiny Cleaning cleaning services.

Kitchen Cleaning

We make sure that your kitchen is spotless. Including wiping of counters, dusting, oven scrubbing, sink washing, dishwashing, fridge cleaning, floor cleaning, and more. Let us know what you need.

Living Room Cleaning

Need help with your living room? We will help you dust and wipe around. We will do TV and TV-stand cleaning, coffee table cleaning, couch and sofa cleaning, floor and carpet vacuuming, inside of the window cleaning, and much more. Your input will tailor additional services that you might be interested in.

Bedroom Cleaning

We understand that hygiene in your bedroom is most important. That is why we have got your back. We fix beds, we organize drawers, do closet cleaning, mirror cleaning and nightstand cleaning.

Bathroom Cleaning

We will clean every nook and cranny in your bathroom, doing everything including toilet cleaning, bathtub cleaning, shower cleaning, floor cleaning and much more. Let our professionals take care of your cleanliness and you can forget worrying about it.

Commercial Maintenance

When it comes to commercial cleaning, we pride ourselves for providing the most efficient cleaning services in Toronto. We have the experience, credibility and expertise to provide a range of cleaning services for commercial properties, for instance, hotel cleaning, retail space cleaning, motel cleaning, corporate venue cleaning, and all types of other commercial cleaning services in Toronto. We can be instantly available, for a temporary basis or regularly, whichever way you like.

We have great confidence in the experience of our housekeeping staff, cleaning ladies and expert maid services, and we assure you that Shiny Cleaning will provide exceptional cleaning results after tailoring and personalizing all your special an essential requests. Our highly trained housekeeping staff, cleaning ladies and maids are trained to understand the threat that a tiny minuscule of dirt can posed to the health and vitality, and you can rest assure that they enter your premises fully equipped and armed to rid your premises of all impurities and uncleanliness.

Shiny cleaning is not simply a cleaning service company, no, it is in fact a cause, a lifestyle and a state of mind where clean and healthy living matters greatly. We make sure you don’t have to take care of tasks such as bathroom cleaning and kitchen cleaning by having our team of professional take care of all your commercial cleaning needs expertly. We provide you innovation with our new century maids and the best cleaning assistance that you can find in Toronto.

Hotel Cleaning

Shiny Cleaning has had the pleasure of providing unparalleled cleaning efficiency to some commercial giants, for instance the Hilton Hotels, Le Germain Hotels and many more. We understand the exclusivity and lavishness that prestigious four and five-star boutique hotels aim to create, and we can provide that level of spotless cleanliness and stainless shine in the environment.

Bread & Breakfast Cleaning

At Shiny Cleaning, we understand that healthy eating is all about cleanliness, and our commercial kitchen cleaning services are the best in Toronto, GTA and its surroundings. We can assist the current staff on your premises or provide you full time services with our diligent cleaning services. All you need to do is fill out the form that you’ll find on the bottom of this page, and our housekeeping staff will report at your premises at your given time.

Rental Property Cleaning

Do you want to clean the property you just rented before you move in with your staff and equipment? There’s nothing to worry about, our expert commercial cleaning services will take care of it entirely. Whether you want to organise your rental property, clean it up or give it one last scrub before you point out, we’re the most trusted cleaning specialists in Toronto. Forget about those cleaning chores, we’ve got the best housekeeping staff in Toronto to do the hard work for you!

Corporate Property Cleaning

We are the most diligent and dedicated corporate cleaning company in GTA Toronto, and it will take us no time to turn around the cleanliness situation of your office space, making it presentable for your customers and healthy for your employees. We have the pleasure of providing our efficient cleaning services to several renowned companies and organisations in GTA Toronto, and we would love to lengthen that list with more happy clients.

Construction Cleaning

Have you just finished work on the construction site, or are you wrapping on the renovations on an existing structure? We are your one stop destination to provide superior quality construction cleaning solutions in Toronto. We understand that you’ve already over-worked yourself on that building, laboring for days, and that you need a break! Let us take over and show you why we are the best commercial cleaning services in Toronto.

You can rely on Shiny Cleaning to provide you the most efficient and effective cleaning solutions that are well-suited to your constructions site, and work wonders to make your construction project admirable and appealing! We’ve been in this industry long enough to understand that cleanliness and presentation go hand in hand, and we can make that building sparkle from the bottom all the way to the very top!

Our experienced team of expert housekeeping staff and reliable maids is here to handling all your diverse cleaning requirements, and cater to your needs to the best of their abilities. We guarantee you that our dedication and efficiency will not waver for a single second, give us a call, and we’ll prove our worth with the very first sweep of the broom.

Turnkey Solutions

A construction or renovation process can truly wreak havoc on the premises, and this call is for a thorough cleaning, precisely where we, the best cleaning services in Toronto, step in to give you a hand. We make sure all the tasks, from wiping, dusting and moping to sweeping and vacuuming is carried out with painstaking diligence and attention to every little minuscule detail.


We are extremely reliable when it comes to maintaining a punctual and timely appearance to provide commercial cleaning services. We take greatly care in easing our clients and providing greater convenience, we deliver you a clean premises exactly on the agreed upon time.

We Are Progressive!

Finding a reliable and trustworthy maid, cleaning lady or housekeeper is not a child’s play. But we are here to provide you the best housekeeping and maid services in Toronto with our credible and experienced staff. We don’t just offer you a clean premises, rather, we offer you a lifestyle of a clean commercial space.

One Stop Solution

Shiny Clean dreams about a cleaner, safer and shinier Toronto for all its residents and businesses. We make sure our clients work, eat and live in a healthy environment, and we train our expert staff members to service you in the best of ways.




What our clients said

The love and appreciation that we garner from our valued clients provides us the strength, confidence and motivation to continue our efficiency and maintain our position, as the most trusted cleaning services in Toronto. The approval of our clients drives us to excel our innovation and efficiency, and perform better with each day that passes.

Shiny Cleaning has brought around great innovation and change in the cleaning practices that were being adopted across homes and offices in Toronto, and we are proud that our expert cleaning services made these environments a cleaner, healthier space. Indeed, our valuable clients are always welcome to share their feedback and tell us how they feel about our care and expertise. We love chatting up with our clients and catching up on the cleanliness issues that most concern them.

We love our clients and we are greatly humbled by their support!

Words from our clients

Rated 1st In

Customer Support

Best Employees In The Business

Positive Growth

About Shiny Cleaning

Our vision is centred upon the goal of empowering all those who collaborate with us. For our worthy and expert housekeeping staff and maids, we wish to empower them by expanding their opportunities, training them in skills and providing them diverse experiences. And for our clients, we wish to empower them by opening up a whole new set of resources, choices and innovative lifestyle changes.

We are prepared and motivated to work hard each day and maintain our standards of excellence, quality and expertise. We want to excel the hard work of yesterday with a series of innovations and improvements for the next day, and we are always prepared to deal with any situation. We want to create a close-knit community for all those who value clean and healthy living and provide them the unparalleled assistance of the best cleaning services in Toronto.

You can find us through our social media networks, feel free to connect with us and make us a lingering presence in your life.


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