COVID-19 | Shiny Maintenance and Cleaning | Ottawa - Gastineau


To our valued clients and members of the public: 

The well-being of our clients and employees are of utmost importance to us. 

All of our employees have been trained to take the greatest care of your maintenance and cleaning needs. To limit the transmission of COVID-19 we are increasing our efforts to ensure that your place of business is provided with the highest quality of cleanliness. 

What does this mean? In addition to the routine cleaning provided, we will be paying extra attention to most commonly used surfaces (door knobs, computer keyboard and mouse, security touch pads, communal areas such as kitchens and washrooms). We are increasing our use of disinfectants on all surfaces. 

Additionally, we have asked that all of our employees who are experiencing any symptoms as identified by Canadian health officials to stay home and take the necessary measures as needed. 

Further to adhere to social distancing and limit interactions, we have asked that only one Shiny Cleaning employee be at any given location at a time. 

We appreciate your cooperation and ask that if a member of your staff has tested positive for COVID-19 to inform Shiny Cleaning as soon as possible. 


Shiny Cleaning