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At Shiny Cleaning, our goal is to uphold the tradition of cleanliness and a healthy lifestyle. We base our ideology to the history of our founders, and the goals they have worked hard to achieve. We understand the happiness and wholesomeness little lifestyle hacks, hygiene and cleanliness improvements can bring about in one’s life. And we intend to help our clients with utmost diligence and dedication.
We began our wonderful journey in early 2000’s, and the drive behind our existence was the unwavering and passionate dedication of a talented CEO and proud single mother, Ekaterina Kogan. Over two decades ago, when Ekaterina first set foot in North America, she harboured the dream of her own business that could outshine as the best in the industry. She garnered experience and diversity by providing her expertise to countless facilities and organisations. Ekaterina has had the pleasure of working as a part of the housekeeping team in several prestigious hotels, for instance the Hilton Hotels, Le Germain Hotels and many more.

In 2001, Ekaterina decided that it was time she began working for herself, and after channeling all her entrepreneurial energies and cleaning expertise, she worked hard to make Shiny Cleaning a reliable cleaning help for all in her city.
Immensely proud of the services and assistance that she set out to provide businesses and homeowners, Ekaterina set out to improve and better the experience that she experienced herself after working in a diverse array of janitorial environments.
Her exposure and experience in both residential and commercial cleaning is insurmountable, and she possesses a profound understanding of the importance of priming up the house and making one’s space hygienic and clean. Her well-rounded articulateness has given Shiny Cleaning its broad perspective, and inculcated the spirit of cleanliness and motivation in its entire team. As a trainer and leader, she is a great source of inspiration.

Ekaterina is the founder, and manager/operator of our cleaning wizardry, and she along with her son Daniel Orcho, drive this organisation to meet the best standards of cleaning services in Toronto. Since we’re a family owned housekeeping, maid services and cleaning services provider, we are all the more reliable and worthy of your trust.

As Ekaterina fondly shares,
“It has been an amazing journey since the start. I have been working day in and day out to give my children, myself and as many people as possible the opportunity we were not presented with at birth. And I consider myself lucky to be in this position of helping so many people along the way. I absolutely think that every minute has been worth it!”
Immensely inspired and driven by her mother’s ideologies and dreams, Daniel too wishes to work hard and uphold her legacy. He is now the acting co-founder of Shiny Cleaning, and a great source of innovation that ensures our cleaning solutions are the finest in the industry.
Daniel believes that cleaning services should be designed in order to provide more and more convenience to families, home owners and entrepreneurs. He says,
“Our family has come a long way to be here. I want to run with that to take us further, where we can help more people”.
Shiny Cleaning aims to empower its clients and the citizens of Toronto with the social phenomenon that make lifestyles much more wholesome, healthier and safer: Cleanliness. We want to help our valued clients make healthier and cleaner choices, and our housekeeping staff works diligently and efficiently to meet high cleaning standards and provide unparalleled quality.
We want to excel the expectations of our cherished clients, and make sure they come home or go to work in a clean and hygienic space, where their health and vitality is not threatened by the qualms of pollutants, bacteria and infections. We work for a healthier, safer and cleaner planet and we thrive on the support and love that we garner from our lovely clients.


Our goals envision a cleaner, safer and healthier Toronto, and with that in mind, we aim to spread cleanliness like a social cause by spreading awareness among our beloved citizens. We wish to inform the people that cleanliness brings joy and vitality, and we intend to prove it with our fine quality cleaning solutions.

We intend to set ourselves apart in the industry, and let our quality cleaning services and loyal customers create us a strong competitive edge. We want to stun our clients with the reality of tangible and clearly visible differences that we can bring about in their lifestyle with our effective and efficient cleaning services.

We are a fully equipped and highly experienced team of professional housekeeping staff and specialized maid services that have set out to uphold shining examples of dedication and devotion to the cause of cleanliness. At Shiny Cleaning, we don’t just provide you services, but rather, we empower our clients through our superior quality solutions and give them reliability and dependable consistency.


At Shiny Cleaning, our mission is to set new and innovative standards for cleanliness in our society and help everyone adopt cleaner, safer and healthier lifestyle choices. We aim to change the views different people hold about cleanliness and help them adopt more innovative and beneficial methods to clean their environment.

We aim to spread awareness and revolutionize the industry with our improved and efficient cleaning solutions, best in Toronto. Since our ideology is driven by the needs of our customers rather than the heated competition in the industry, our mission is to best satisfy and accommodate all the exclusive and personalized requirements of our clients and tailor or services to best suit their cleaning needs.



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Our Priority - Excellence

For the past decade, Shiny Cleaning and its founders have emerged as a team of the most competent and reliable cleaning professionals in Toronto. Our experience and expertise sets us apart in the industry, and the superior quality of our cleaning solutions leaves a lasting impression of painstaking diligence that we put into our cleaning services.

Shiny Cleaning stands with loyal and happy clients who have been served beyond their expectations and to the best of our abilities. We hold true to our commitment of excellence and quality that outshines itself, and create a bond on the basis of reliability, trust worthiness and dependability.


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