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Are you moving in to a new condo, or do you need to get your apartment spotless clean before you call over the guests for a lavish dinner? Don’t worry as far as your cleaning needs are concerned, Shiny cleaning has got you nicely covered!

Here is all the information that you could possibly need to get in touch with us. Be sure to save it in your bookmarks so that you don’t have to struggle to find it every time. Give us a call, and we’ll reach you without any unnecessary delays. We operate from North York, and we make sure that you don’t have to wait long before you get a response from our team, online and offline. Remember, we’re just a call away, reach out and we’re there!

Areas We Cover:

Downtown Toronto, Midtown Toronto, York, North York, East York,Etobicoke,

We are eagerly looking forward to cover greater distances for you! And Don’t worry about the distances at all, we are super excited to cover the distance and offer you our assistance!


We'd Love to Discuss Your Project

We can’t wait to discuss your project and pick out the best suited cleaning solutions for you! Do you want to make your new office or commercial venue spotless clean before you get started with the décor and inviting in customers? Or perhaps, you want to make your house cleaner and safer for your precious kids. We at Shiny Cleaning are waiting and excited to help you with all your diverse and exclusive cleaning requirements.

We give the word clean a whole new meaning and dimension, and our services speak volumes of our quality methods, solutions and efficiency.

We love hearing from our customers, getting their feedback and their views about cleanliness that is so important a cause for us. We would love to have customers and team members drop by our blog and follow us on social media. We intend to build a community of likeminded people that value a clean and healthy environment.

Feel free to give us reviews and constructive feedback that can help us make our cleaning services greatly improved and innovative!

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20 Kensington Ave, North York, ON, M2M 1R6.

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(647)648-8729 / (647)705-3005


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Our courteous and friendly customer care specialists are always waiting to answer your calls and help you out with all cleaning queries. If you wish to book our expert cleaning services, feel free to give us a call at (647)648-8729. If you need our cleaning assistance after business hours, do not despair, just fill out the form and submit it, we’ll get in touch with you without any unnecessary delay. You can even send us e-mail, or get in touch with us through any of our social media destinations.

Around The Week

Shiny cleaning team is always available and accessible to provide you the most effective cleaning services in Toronto. You can benefit from the valuable assistance of our housekeeping staff and maid services all 7 days a week from 8:30AM to 10:00PM. 

Our office is only closed on Sundays, but don’t worry because we don’t exactly leave you alone, book us any other day, and we won’t disappoint. If you wish to learn more about our deals and promotions, give us a call right away!